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I think I’m gonna like this Dean Martin hamburger recipe.

For the love of vintage. And of course, beer.

I like my turntables like my coffee: all natural. 

If these tools could talk they’d tell you wind chimes aren’t just for women. And if this man could talk, well, I’ll let you use your imagination. 

Fellas, the Coors Light train has arrived. No more excuses for warm or watered down beer. 

File this under things every dude must know but they don’t teach in school.

Totally geeky but made me laugh.

Yup, there’s a notebook for that. 

(via KEITH Limited Edition Box Canvas Print by LuckyLeftyArt on Etsy)

Nice tights, old chum!

What’s better than having a brand-new, retro-style refrigerator? Having one with a beer tap built in. 

Fellas, these are the rules. Hydrate with beer.

According to a guy named Jeff, chicks dig this. 

Here’s to celebrating the craftsmanship of one of the all-time dude sports.

Aren’t you a little short to be raptured?

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